Collaborative robots are flexible, with simplified installation and programming, enabling effective operation from day one of installation. Very safe, robots can share the working environment with human beings without the need for large investments in safety devices and systems. With an approximate weight of 18kg, it can be fixed on the machine itself or on production lines. They have thousands of possible applications in several industrial segments, including automotive, food and beverage, pharmaceutical, cosmetics, consumer goods and electronics.

Implemented in various environments in safety.

Allows direct collaboration between robot and human.

Lightweight, collaborative and sensitive.

Different tasks at the same time.

In addition to regular industrial robots, intelligent machines have all the abilities that feature cyberphysical systems in the Internet of Things..

They also receive additional intelligence to control their movements more precisely, for example.

Manufacturers have been developing new technologies that make the robot sensitive and intelligent. In this way, the robot is monitored, thus increasing productivity.

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